The Header and The Icon

What a contrast!

The header picture was taken by myself during a visit to the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley, England with family.The museum is an open-living area where all the buildings are from the industrial revolution (yes, really) and all volunteers dress and act as people from this time period. The site is massive with all the buildings you would expect to find in a town including shops, schools, pubs etc with a small canal, train and buses. You can easily spend the entire day here like we did just to cover the entire site. I throughly recommend it (click here).

All the smoke you can see is from when they had to release all the pressure from the pipes of the industrial area near the mines and this was the result. I took many pictures of this unexpected event but this is my favourite.

The icon picture was taken in Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park, Scotland with two dear friends/ex-colleagues I worked with over two summers at a USA Summer Camp, one of which happenes to reside in this beautiful area and another visiting from overseas. The evening this photo was taken, we were taking a walk around the grounds taking in the beautiful landscape, an incredible sunset and wildlife.

If you are wondering why these photos…. I like them, they are so different from one another and the composition.


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