Perseids: Meteor Shower

Perseids - Meteor shower

I just love nature, especially star-gazing so when I realised that the peak of the Perseids meteor shower was peaking on a night when I wasn’t due at work the next day (18th August), I inevitably had to stay up. Not expecting much because of living in a town, light pollution etc, luck was on my side! Whilst I didn’t see lots, I saw a fair few as I settled down on the bench in my back garden, on my back just staring up into the sky just waiting for the magic. Also, with this time, I finally learned and spotted where the Big Dipper is, part of Ursa Major aka The Great Bear. Turns out, dead bang in front of my bedroom window 🙂

Inevitably, I had to try out the shutter settings on my camera, the longest shutter speed only being 16 seconds but I am pleased at the results and in a more rural environment, could have presented so much more. When I need a new camera (the current one is only a year old), I am definitely looking to upgrade.


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