You’ve Gotta Catch ‘Em All!!

Ah yes, I have a bucket list (blog and list found on ‘The Challenges‘ page of this blog) and this just happened!!

56: Replay a childhood video game

I replayed and completed Pokemon Yellow!!

Yes, I grew up with the original series. Yes, I had the three original starters you are meant to get in the TV show plus Pikachu to face the Elite Four and Gary.

Was it worth it?


I got addicted to this again as much as I did when I first played the game on the classic Gameboy. Trained hard, played hard and so much fun!! It was like I was transported back to my youth… it was a great experience, so many hours, so worthwhile, I am going to miss it. You know, unless I replay it again or try out Pokemon Blue or Red. Shame I can’t complete the Pokedex but my aim was to face the Elite Four and Gary and beat them the first time around, which is exactly what I achieved 😀

Childhood awesomeNESS!!


2 thoughts on “You’ve Gotta Catch ‘Em All!!

  1. Haha, I am not the only one!! I am trying to remember what made me get onto this whole childhood video game ‘thing’ in the process and I think I narrowed it down to getting a new laptop. As strange as that seems, I had to get a new laptop because the other one died, therefore new laptop has Windows 8.1 and of look, apps store. Hmm, lets check for games… They have Sonic the Hedgehog, thats okay but basis (Sega Megadrive, showing my age) which led to searches for Pokemon, Mortal Kombat but nothing really ‘good.’

    Then came a well-known search engine where you could play the old gameboy games and I fell in love. It was hard, it was fast but Pikachu was crying out to me, and you can’t ignore that face, can you? So, more hours than I will admit (though it does tell you when you get to the Hall of Fame, how many hours you spent playing up until that point), which just shows that the games is awesome to keep me committed to the end. Ah childhood, where did you go?? Nowhere, you are as old as you feel.


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