Scotland: Glasgow

Glasgow, Scotland.. the city that hosted the 2014 Commonwealth Games. As soon as you come out of the station, you can see some of the street art on walls to support this marvellous occassion. As a Netball fan and player, I inevitably had to take a picture of the Netball art featuring The Scottish Thistles and The English Roses. As the recent Netball World Cup has demontrated, the teams for Scotland, England and Wales demonstrated what a force they are on the World Stage, with England taking the Bronze medal. All teams played with passion and I hope to see future matches with these national teams in the future.

*Steps off Netball Soap Box* So, back to Glasgow. I only had a few hours in this beautiful city and like any adventurer, I forgot the map *Read: Didn’t get one* and just wandered around the city. We went through Buchanan Street, the city centre where you typically find your shops, pubs, clubs etc, as well as taking in the views of Glasgows West End and Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. However, we spent most of our time in the Botanic Gardens mainly outside, but we did venture inside too. Sometimes the best way to see a city is just to walk around it, see a little of a lot and if I had more time, an extra day even, I would be more specific with where I was going, be more in depth and hopefully one day I will return to this city and do just that.


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