My Travel Map

Do any of you have a travel map? Well, this is mine, the ‘scratch it off as you go’ kind and I can tell you, it is out of date. Framed and sitting pride of place on my wall, my intention is to up-date it once a year, last update taking place in January 2015. Which part is out of date?…

Europe, the Europe part of my travel map is out of date. When I do my next scratching off, Germany and Austria will need to be scratched off (at the time of writing). Also, if you look carefully, I have scratched off the Canary Islands but the colour appears to be the same as the unscratched portions of this travel map which is a little disappointing. Oh, and Malta too.

This map has made me realise how large Africa is as a continent compared to the rest. Just WOW!

The USA portion of my travel map provides a great insight into my USA road trips – East Coast, and a road trip spanning from New York city to Los Angeles. Yes, seriously… Despite all that, the USA is a big place including Alaska and islands off the West Coast – Still have plenty of places to visit, which I hope to do someday!!

I still have places to visit, infinite amount. I need to head East, I need to head below the Equator and see more of other cultures and experiences. Someday, some how.. I hope to achieve this and I am aware how lucky I am to experience the places I have already been too with the memories that come with them. I would rather spend my money on experiences, rather than things.

If you are interested in buying this travel map, check it out here.

So far, you have had an insight into places that are part the UK mainly involving those that are featured on the Header and the Icon, as well as a little bit of the county of Yorkshire (Northern England). In the future, keep an eye out for posts detailing my travels to the countries featured on my travel map, including reviews, tips and photography, as well as the general madness that is a blog that is intended to be a collective of all my previous blogs on other platforms. To quote my first ever WordPress post… “Enjoy the Journey!”


2 thoughts on “My Travel Map

  1. Thanks, glad to be part of the club! I am trying to be careful with the scratching as it can be all to easy to slip and scratch an additional area/country out where you haven’t been yet. I haven’t been that far into Canada, but there is a tiny scratch just there with the border of New York state because that is where I crossed the border, the stamp to prove I visited in my passport and I just couldn’t leave that bit off.

    How is the pinboard going? I have considered one but I see myself just trying to keep track of too many things in too many places with the ‘need’ to keep them all up-to-date etc.


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