London: Covent Garden

Covent Garden is a hive of activity at any time of year, with markets and street performers for all tastes. During my last trip to London, we found ourselves in Covent Garden with some time to check out the area before our trip to see a show on the nearby West End. It was a Friday, the beginning of the weekend and this was evident as there were so many people around exploring the shops, restaurants, pubs, the market and of course, some street performers that certainly kept us entertained!

Owen Lean

A Jack of many trades, Owen Lean is a comedian, actor and magician, a combination that appears to endear audiences to his performance in Covent Garden. Happening upon this entertainer, a crowd at least 3 row deep circling his ‘stage’ we managed to get a peek into his magical skills and display.

With magic they say the hand is quicker than the eye and that misdirection is key, but this doesn’t stop an audience trying to figure out how a trick was performed but a magician never reveals, so we are always left with theories.

I was blown away by Owen’s whole set, I was enthralled and yes, I was trying to figure stuff out from my limited vantage point (Short person surrounded by tall people), but not being able to see much, didn’t leave me disappointed. No, no! Owen’s running commentary filled with humour and great British wit. It kept us in to the very end, the final trick and I was a little sad that we didn’t stumble across his act earlier, but I will definitely keep an eye out for any future performances around the UK.

If you would like to learn more about Owen Lean, you can visit his website here.

Charlie Chaplin

After the magician Owen, we ventured into the Apple Store (one of us recently bought a Mac and needed additional play time), before cruising the stalls of the market place, reaching the end and discovering the beginnings of this performers set.

Diego Andres Spanó is multi-talented actor, impressionist, clown,
mime and musician. His acclaimed portrayal of Charlie Chaplin has
charmed audiences all over the world, including Argentina, the United
Kingdom, France, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Catalunya, Morocco, and
Patagonia. He soon discovered that The Little Tramp awoke strong
emotions of both in him and the audience. With laughter as the goal, he
developed original sketches to convey the struggle of sadness versus
happiness, bad versus good, and rich versus poor and to involve
good-natured members of the audience.

Excerpt from ‘ChaplinCanDo.’

Words cannot describe how hilarious these sketches were, from original to spontaneous, Diego Andres Spanó is very observant with his audience, so pay attention or you might just miss out, or end up in the performance one way or another… PUT THE PHONE AWAY! Charlie Chaplin is an actor known for his silent films and this is how he is portrayed through physical comedy, an under-appreciated art form I feel these days, yet it works so well.

I will admit it, we lost track of time – We were here for so long, at least 20-30 minutes just memorised by the performance unfolding in front of us, and I had to drag myself away as we were due to meet someone and couldn’t be late (Turns out, they were…). This was just a wonderful spectacle to see and if I am in ever back in London again, I hope to catch Diego Andres Spanó again 😀

Go to Covent Garden – You won’t regret it!


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