London: Clink78 Hostel (Review)

Clink78 hostel is just one of a few Clink hostels in London and is just a 5 minute walk from Kings’ Cross train station. There are many places to stay in this area, including the Kings Cross & St Pancras Underground and St Pancras International train station are all close proximity so the area is always going to be busy.

Arriving at the hostel nearly three hours later than I had originally informed them due to an issue on the train network which meant a two-hour diversion on the train on an already delayed train, I was glad to arrive into a bright, positively teaming reception area filled with friendly faces from staff and other customers alike. When I checked-in, the staff on reception told me that I couldn’t sleep in the room I had originally booked… Why? Due to over-booking, they were going to upgrade my room for free and I thought… 8 bed, 6 bed, slight wishful thinking 4-bed female dorm. How I was so wrong… a twin private room all to myself – Winner!

As I made my way up to the first floor, I had no idea what was waiting for me on the other side of my room door as I weaved through some corridors, pass some toilets, seperate showers and to the other side of the building. I didn’t even look at these rooms as I have never stayed in one before in a hostel, so I was going to be in for a surprise. A surprise it was! A bunk bed still, but all to myself with the bottom section slightly wider than the top – I had not seen that before. Also, I didn’t have to debate with someone who wanted top or bottom because this entire room for just for me. I opted for bottom due to the slightly larger size and being neaer the door meant nearer to the bathroom, just in case I needed to make a middle of the night journey…

What the biggest surprise was that there was a kettle with two cups –  Any coffee/tea drinkers dream! Sachets for both, with sugar and a couple of milk cartons to boot. After a long day or travelling, a brew just had to do. Perfect. I eventually went out to a local shop to buy a small carton on milk because you know… why not? For two people the room is small, but adequate for two people to comfortably store items, negotiate space in relation to the sink provided and if you are in a twin, private room you usually book this with someone you are familiar with anyways. That, and if you book a private room for 2-3 people, hostels will charge you the rate for maximum occupancy whether you use it like this or not.

Breakfast is held in the basement of the hostel, self-service consisting of cereals, toast, hot and cold drinks as well as tons of space to eat and get to know your fellow guests. The same hight, smart and fantastically creative designed interior continues on into this area.

Like many hostels, plug sockets are at a premium wherever you find one, so there is no surprise that even at 7.30am, people are searching for them at breakfast and jumping on a free one like it is life and death. (Note: I’m not a technophobe, I am not that plugged into technology compared to many others out there.)

The hostel has a bar located within the building, which I didn’t take the opportunity to use as it is not my kind of thing but only two floors above, I can tell you that I couldn’t hear a sound and had peaceful, undisturbed sleep throughout.

Staff?  The staff were great, very hospitable and knowledgeable about the area and what to see, places to go off the beaten track etc. It was no trouble to get my room card re-done, as it would no longer open up the door to my room.

Cleanliness? Very high standard, I could tell that had been in my room whilst I was out during the day and not just from the bin being emptied daily 🙂 This cleanliness was evident throughout the hostel too from communal areas to showers and toilets.

What About The Cost? For 1 bed in a 10-bed female dorm for four nights, I paid £83 (£20.75 per night). However, I was upgraded for free (due to over-booking) to a private twin room by myself which would have cost around £290. Linen, towels, breakfast and wi-fi is included in the price, plus a walking tour of London.

Anything Else? Since my stay, the hostel has been refurbished throughout, rooms redesigned with new additions including additional shelving and lighting. However, it seems that the private rooms no longer have a kettle with cups and coffee/tea/sugar sachet available. Shame. You did have to store your milk (because I bought a small carton from the local shop… yes, yes, Brits and their tea) in the sink, filled with cold water to stop is going off.

Would I Stay Here Again? Yes I would, if I need to be near Kings Cross and other transport connections that I have booked, or will need the following day. Maybe I’ll end up in a dorm next time? Hehe.

Like always, if you have any questions et al, just let me know! 😀

Images coutesy of Clink Hostels.


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