London: Hamstead Heath and Kenwood House

Hamstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is one of London’s most popular open spaces, situated just six kilometres from Trafalgar Square.

An island of beautiful countryside, the magic of Hampstead Heath lies not only in its rich wildlife and extensive sports and recreational opportunities, but also in its proximity and accessibility to millions of people.

Excerpt from Hamstead Heath – Green Spaces – City of London

Such a large, beautiful area a place you could easily spend the day, take a stroll, a picnic, explore and witness the views of London without the rush of the city. It was a warm day when we went, no map just a walk that took us many places, autumn had only just arrived and the flowers of summer still showing. As you head deeper into this large landscape, you will come across the grounds of Kenwood House…

Kenwood House

On the edge of Hampstead Heath surrounded by tranquil landscaped gardens, Kenwood is one of London’s hidden gems. The breathtaking interiors and stunning world-class art collection are free for everyone to enjoy. With children’s activities, a café to relax in and acres of grounds to stretch your legs, there are treats in store for every visitor. Come and see what Kenwood has to offer you.

Excerpt from Kenwood | English Heritage

It’s free, so always a draw in London so a wonderful addition to your trip to Hamstead Heath and if you like art, artitecture and your history, even better. For the lovers of art, their are paintings by famous artists including Rembrandt, Turner, Gainsborough and Vermeer as well as various sculptures and jewellery. From the outside to in, the artitecture is intricate, well thought out and stands out, you have to see it to believe it – My creative skills are quite poor, so respect those that have mastered their crafts and appreciate all art regardless of form.

Whilst the house is small, the impact is much bigger and is worth a visit alongside a trip to this area. By itself, not so much unless you plan to spend your day on the heath, in the gardens and the nearby suburb which has lots of lovely cafes and shops.

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