Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to you all!!

It’s been an interesting year, a lot of challenges and learning curves in many areas of my life that I hope I will settle into properly as the New Year progresses.

Travel has been another feature of 2015, entering the year in Portugal, visiting Germany and Austria as well as a short summer in Ireland, revisiting old haunts, catching up with friends and creating even more memories. As I teased in my earlier post, I am spending my New Year abroad in Europe, the where? Budapest, Hungary! I’m going to update that travel map ASAP!

Upon my return, I aim to start typing up my time and experiences in this European city, as well as my previous New Year exploits in Lisbon, Portugal. Keep those eyes peeled!


I didn’t get as much online learning done as I hoped, but it is something I am going to work on in 2016 and might even apply to University to complete some credits.

As for my book challenge and bucklet list, I will update on all that upon my return! I also have a few more London posts for you to keep an eye out for – Busy, busy!

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