Budapest, Hungary: Christmas Market

‘Visitors to the Budapest Advent and Christmas Fair in Vörösmarty Square (13 November 2015 – 6 January 2016) will discover a huge range of fine gastronomy and applied art products together with seasonal programmes.

Visitors to one of the most imposing squares in the capital, which hosts the Budapest Advent and Christmas Fair – ranked among the 10 most attractive fairs in Europe – are welcomed with outstanding quality products and plenty of high standard cultural and children’s programmes… attracting 300-400,000 tourists annually.’

Excerpt from ‘Budapest: Info (English)’

There is not a better place to be to soak you the Christmas/New Years atmoshpere than at the Budapest Advent and Christmas Fair in Vörösmarty Square, though their are Market Stalls spread out in other smaller squares just a short walk from the main arena.

If you are one always wanting to explore local dishes, drinks and snacks then this is your destination and one where I visited a lot – Inenvitable due to its location but it was never a let-down. Lots of people, wonderful smells in the air and the spirit of Christmas and the anticipation of a new year, a new beginning.

Gulyáslves (Goulash Soup – Pictured in the bread bowl) is a very filling meal and coupled with a bread bowl and lid, I would be very surprised if you managed yo eat it all. I tried on three occassions and got so close on the third, but.. no. Super filling! It kept me going throughout most of the day and that’s a good thing. Try it at least once, sit down at the numerous benches and tables in the area and enjoy!

Other Hunagrian meals that you can try at the market include: Lángos, Halászlé (Fisherman’s Soup), Pörkölt (Stew), Hortobágyi Palacsinta and Túro Rudi. Of course, there is much more but dive in! Eating locally not only helps the local population but you can often see if being made in front of you and is more cost effective than featuring well-known global brand establishments. 

The capital city goes all out to decorate the streets, buildings and all around and with bulbs everywhere it is of course best to see at night!

Vörösmarty Square is conviently located directly in front of St Stephen’s Bastillica, a stones throw from many other toruist attractions and a short walk from Chain Bridge, one of many bridges that connect the districts of Pest and Buda over the River Danube.


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