Budapest, Hungary: Cat Cafe

Discovering this just around the corner from our accommodation we just had to go as neither my friend or I had been one before and we just had too!

Checking out the website before we ventured inside (much recommended to get an idea for price, rules etc), as you enter you are met by someone working in the cafe whom guides you to your table, making sure that you have read the rules before you are sat down. What hits you instantly upon entering is the smell – I have grown up with cats, only one at a time and whilst I am immune to that smell, many cats at once is an entirely new level and intensity of smell. Therefore, if you are even slightly sensitive to cat smell or allergy, make your judgements. However, whether it is my previous experience of living with cats or something else, I quickly ‘forgot’ about the smell and got down to business.

The business of coffee and cake!

The all you can drink package at 1590 Ft per person (£4 / 5.10 Euros) is incredible for the price considering that the cups are a very generous size with a fantastic choice of hot and cold drinks, you get one generous helping of cake (cake of the day, which your server will notify you what it is) as well as a selection of other food and you can stay there for as long as you want. How can you NOT visit?

The cats could be sleeping anywhere and everywhere so before you sit down – Check your chair! Cats do love to sleep but that doesn’t mean that’s what they will do for your entire visit as they may just try and seek you (and your food) out. One of the rules is not to feed the cats and my experience was that all the cats were very friendly, happy to be stroked whether at rest or play and if you annoy cats, they will let you know any how. Whilst there, one jumped onto our table to have a nosey at our card game as my friend and I were playing a very fast game with cards moving between hands and the pile on the table that it obviously piqued its interest to see what all the fuss was about. The cat stayed for a few minutes before jumping off and onto another table.

We didn’t bring our own pack of cards, no… the cafe has a selection of board games for the young and old catering for a variety of interests. Chess, Uno, Jenga, Dominoes, Ludo and many others I hd never heard of but discovered! You can discover them to and the cafe is always looking out for more to add to their selection.

Our visit was a highlight of our trip, the atmosphere was calm, relaxed with a great service from the staff and as a cat owner myself… My cat would have loved it! It was an enjoyable experience and it was a little disappointing that we couldn’t squeee in another trip before we had to leave but oh well, we still got to experience a Cat Cafe! Please visit one wherever it is in the world, but this little Cat Cafe will always be dear to me as it will always be the first and what a great first it was!




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