Budapest, Hungary: River Cruise


The Budapest Card can be used on some of the boating trips upon the river, those that do clearly displaying these on signs or on their advertising banners/posters so you can’t go wrong.

With a free day to roam with nothing much planned, my friend and I headed to the river to see if any trips were heading out near to the time we arrived and luckily, we only had to wait 20 minutes in a short queue that quickly grew down the street. The day was cold with a breee in the air so most people opted to stay below deck rather than ventured out in the open upstairs, plenty of seats to accommodate most with radiators (that weren’t on) and a bar at the front to buy hot and cold drinks as well as food, including alcohol for the hour journey.

Below are some photographs I took on the boat trip – Enjoy!

 Statue of Liberty and its surrounding statues

You can see these up close – Find more information here.

 Chain Bridge & Margaret Bridge

Liberty Bridge

 The Hungarian Parliament Building

You can visit and tour the Parliament Building – Find more information here.

Buildings seen from the river including Buda Castle

Elisabeth Bridge and Buildings





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