Budapest, Hungary: Buda Castle


Buda Castle and the entire Castle District is filled with many attractions catering to all tastes from art to historical, museums and more it is a much frequented area of Budapest by tourists. But first… how do you get up the hill?

To The Castle!019

Of course, you can walk… many trails lead you up to the top of Buda to see amazing panoramic views of Budapest (mainly Pest), some gradual and others more steep, so it is really up to you which one you take. Maybe switch it up, take one trial up and another down.

If you are crossing the Chain Bridge from Pest into the hilly Buda you will see a Funicular, a cable railway that takes you in either direction at a cost. An adult ticket single is 1200HUF (£3 / 3.87 Euro), whilst a return is 1800HUF (£4.50 / 5.8 Euro) – To see other prices click here. Opening times vary and check before your visit if the Funicular is open as it is shut down every so often for maintenance.

One Funicular for up and another for down, the ride only lasts around a minute but in that minute you gain/lose a lot of height… amazing views appear and disappear in almost a blink of an eye. They are small, only allowed to take a set number of passengers at a time which can create long queues at peak times during the day and year. My friend and I only had to wait around 10 minutes, the line disappearing a lot quicker than we had anticipated and whilst the ride is cosy and a bit noisy, at least try it in one direction if you choose to walk on of the trails.

The Castle

The National Gallery

The Hungarian National Gallery is the largest public collection documenting and presenting the rise and development of the fine arts in Hungary. It has operated as an independent institution since 1957. The Hungarian National Gallery moved to its present location, the former Royal Palace of Buda, in 1975.

Extract from ‘Hungarian National Gallery’

Open Tuesday – Sunday, the National Gallery features permanent and temporary exhibitions as well as tours, workshops and a shop with events held throughout the year – Check the website for more information and dates. You can also visit the Dome of the Castle as apart of your visit, or you can visit seperately with different ticket costs than the museum.

Unexpectedly or at least to my experiences, all visitors are required to hand in their coats and bags (unless very small) into the cloakroom before they head into any of exhibitions (and beyond security). This is free of charge, the cloakroom is well staffed and you are handed a numbered card which you hand back upon your return to retrieve your belongings.


Photography is allowed in the permanent exhibitons which I found a bit weird as most art galleries back in the UK don’t allow photography of any kind, so seeing people take pictures on their phones etc was new for me. Not wrong, just new. Just thought I would mention it! Yes, I took one… made me feel uncomfortable.

Anyways, I appreciate art in its many forms so in a gallery with friends, I’m the one they always end up waiting for… I read all the information, take in the images or sculptures (some more so than others) and just take my time. The Hungarian National Gallery is over many floors with rooms off each of them that make you think the Gallery is a lot like Dr. Who’s Tardis – It is a lot bigger then you think!


With the Budapest card you can see the permanent exhibitions in the Gallery for free.




And the views?




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