Budapest, Hungary: Fisherman’s Bastillion & Matthias Church

Visible from the opposite side of Chain Bridge in Pest, Fisherman’s Bastion and Matthias Church are historical attractions on Castle Hill, Buda.

Fishermen’s Bastion (Halászbástya) is only 100 years old, and is a favorite lookout. In medieval times, the fish market was nearby and the bastion was built to commemorate the fishermen who protected this part of the city. The seven tent-like turrets symbolize the seven Hungarian tribes that arrived to the Carpathian Basin in 896.

There is a fee to enter the lookout at the top level of Fishermen’s Bastion, however you can enter the lower level lookout for free and the view is equally beautiful.

Extract from Visit Budapest


I love history and how cultures, buildings etc evolve over time that sometimes you can see a building and instantly recognise which time period it comes from. Fisherman’s Bastillion is busy but such a large space that peope moving between different areas are constantly changing. Tourists are easy to spot but the locals are there going about their daily lives. There are detailed archaeological features everywhere from large to small, so keep your eyes peeled and the camera to hand.


And The View?



St. Matthias Church

Matthias Church is one of the oldest buildings in Buda. It’s not only a church, but a museum as well. It’s frescoes are the works of famous Hungarian painters… There is an entrance fee to visit the church, which includes entry to the museum as well. If you would like to pray or simply enjoy a moment of silence, the sacred chapel is open all day, free of charge.

Extract from Visit Budapest


A short walk away is Buda Castle with the National Gallery, with plenty if places to eat, drink and shop along the way – As well as more fantastic views of Budapest.



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