Yorkshire: Crackpots Mosaic Trail

Crackpots Mosaic Trail is an enjoyable trail around part of Dallowgill which is marked with 22 mosaics depicting local scenes of flora and fauna which might be encountered along the route. Located near the village of Kirkby Malzeard, the route is around 7 miles (11km) consisting of paths which are rough underfoot with loose stones, as well as fields which depending on the time of year can vary in condition.

We completed this trail on a very sunny and hot day at the beginning of June, barely seeing anyone on the trail going in reverse and never overtaken by anyone and as a group of 15, this is something we expect as our walking abilities are all different but we all stick together – Start together, stay together, finish together. Nature was at its most powerful time, flowers and trees blooming alike, animals and their young in the fields we walked next to and in – Nature, I love you!

Some of the mosaics…

We didn’t find all the mosaics either due to us missing them or removed as they were being repaired, this only applied to two so don’t let this put you off this wonderful walk in the countryside. Some are hidden behind the overgrowth and keep those eyes peeled!!

If you would like to complete this trail yourself, click here for a pdf copy of the route with details of each mosaic. Enjoy!


P.S. Nearby, there is an ice cream parlour called G&T’s which I throughly recommend paying a visit too after your walk *wink* (Yes, we did this and so glad we did so too!)


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