Yorkshire: Asygarth Falls

When adventuring to the Yorkshire Dales, we often stop in this picturesque spot for our lunch break, grabbing our bags with our pack ups and heading down to one of the three falls (Upper, Middle and Lower). As the Upper and Middle Falls are the closest to the car park, we tend to visit these the most but the Lower Falls are just as outstanding.

For the walkers amongst you, there are plnety of trails alongside the river and the falls themselves, as well as the surrounding woodlands and area. St Andrew’s church located nearby is worth a visit too.

Rain or shine, the falls are incredible to witness at any time of year but head over during the winter months to witness the water gushing over compared to the drier summer months. Below are some of my photographs from high and low waters from the Upper and Middle Falls.

Note: If you see an honesty box asking you for money, this is very old and the falls are free to visit bar the cost of parking. Next to the car park is an exhibition centre and shop, toilets and a cafe. Meets all your needs!

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