Ah Geocaching – You may have never heard of it, or have and don’t play it or you are a GEOCACHER! You can be a Geocacher from any country and it is a global game which means you can play it at home or abroad: How awesome is that?

Now to answer the question you might be asking, Yes I am a Geocacher but I’m nowhere near prolific compared to many others. I often hunt out geocaches when I travel abroad as many are placed in areas of significance but not the norm for a tourist to visit, exploring a place of interest and/or beauty. Of course, I have found geocaches in my local area and actually own one myself after adopting it from a fellow geocacher – I walk pass the location 2-3 times a week and I do not live far that any maintenance/replacement can be done fairly quickly.

If you have watched the video at the top of the video then you have learned what geocaching is and if you haven’t – Go watch it! It is an activity for all abilities, whether you play regularly or not. I am able but I have also been out with groups of people with a range of disabilities from being blind, in a wheelchair, learning and mental – It really is an inclusive activity.

Geocache containers and their hiding places

As the video states, geocaches range in size, containers and difficulty. Thy can be small nano containers which are magentic, or large containers with treasures that a pirate would be proud of. You can be taken into the centre of a city filled with lots of people or into the hills, where there are less people. Those whom don’t know of this game are known as “Muggles” and the aim is to grab a geocache (cache for short), sign the logbook and return it as exactly as you found it without being discovered – Trickier than you think! However, whilst many find enjoyment of being a ninja, if you get the odd look, lack subtlety or just want to celebrate your acheivement, it is okay! (Seriously, it is.) Just remember, other geocachers maybe near by and you want them to have the same journey or discovery as you did, as it’s all part of the fun. Some of the hiding places are very ingenious, so if you think something might be a little crazy, check it!

On the hunt for geocaches…

What do you need? The answer is is the video, either a phone with GPS or a GPS device and many people find that the latter are often more accurate but both devices will encounter similiar problems and that is mainly sateillite coverage. If you go to find a cache in the woodlands and their is a lot of folliage, expect the ‘distance’ to be off and when you get within 30ft of the cache location, start looking. I have got 2ft within a cache location before according to the GPS and the cache itself was actually about another 10ft away. These things like many aspects of the game will come to you in time, also learning new little things that build up your experience, skills and knowledge of the game.

There are many tips out there and a large community to support and share stories. Each geocache will have a little information on them about the cache itself, maybe a handy hint (if you are struggling) but it is also handy to read previous logged comments by other geocachers too.

Come on… join us!


My Travel Map – Update


I have finally taken my travel map off the wall and updated the European section, the map last updated in January 2015. As a scratch-a-map,  you have to scratch off the countries you have visited but this means that sometimes, you accidentally scratch out tiny countries you haven’t been to, through no fault of your own.

The countries I scratched off this time, are:

  1. Germany (2015 & 2016)
  2. Austria (2015)
  3. Hungary (2015/16)
  4. The Netherlands (2016)
  5. Belguim (2016)


Countries I need to visit to make my travel map completely accurate (aka Scratched off by accident):

  1. Luxembourg
  2. Monacco
  3. Andorra


My Travel Map

Do any of you have a travel map? Well, this is mine, the ‘scratch it off as you go’ kind and I can tell you, it is out of date. Framed and sitting pride of place on my wall, my intention is to up-date it once a year, last update taking place in January 2015. Which part is out of date?…

Europe, the Europe part of my travel map is out of date. When I do my next scratching off, Germany and Austria will need to be scratched off (at the time of writing). Also, if you look carefully, I have scratched off the Canary Islands but the colour appears to be the same as the unscratched portions of this travel map which is a little disappointing. Oh, and Malta too.

This map has made me realise how large Africa is as a continent compared to the rest. Just WOW!

The USA portion of my travel map provides a great insight into my USA road trips – East Coast, and a road trip spanning from New York city to Los Angeles. Yes, seriously… Despite all that, the USA is a big place including Alaska and islands off the West Coast – Still have plenty of places to visit, which I hope to do someday!!

I still have places to visit, infinite amount. I need to head East, I need to head below the Equator and see more of other cultures and experiences. Someday, some how.. I hope to achieve this and I am aware how lucky I am to experience the places I have already been too with the memories that come with them. I would rather spend my money on experiences, rather than things.

If you are interested in buying this travel map, check it out here.

So far, you have had an insight into places that are part the UK mainly involving those that are featured on the Header and the Icon, as well as a little bit of the county of Yorkshire (Northern England). In the future, keep an eye out for posts detailing my travels to the countries featured on my travel map, including reviews, tips and photography, as well as the general madness that is a blog that is intended to be a collective of all my previous blogs on other platforms. To quote my first ever WordPress post… “Enjoy the Journey!”

Enjoy The Journey!

Brand new website (I have a history, a good one I swear!) and this has primarily been set-up as a collective with links to previous blogs (a.k.a past challenges & a bucket list) as they are dotted around and not in one central place.


Not quite like Grand Central Station but you get the drift….

I aim (Note: I aim.. I am a terrible blog poster/updater) to use this blog to comment on my travels, where I went, the good, the bad, the ugly and also some photographs. I’m no prographer with no fancy camera, it does a few tricks and I am learning about aperture and shutter speeds as these are two things I can manipulate on the manual setting of my camera. Learning by doing 😀

You never know, though it could happen…. this could turn into anything and everything. Enjoy the journey!