London: The Transport Challenge

transport01Fancy a London transport challenge? YES!

Right, this is what you need to accomplish –

  1. Walking
  2. Bus
  3. Taxi
  4. Tube
  5. Train
  6. Cable Car
  7. River Boat

You need to travel on all of these to complete the challenge. There is no time limit, but if you have a few days in the city then this would be a great time to do it over a gradual period, or if you fancy a harder challenge, in less than 24 hours. With real planning, you can do this is less than 12 hours and still have time to explore the sights and sounds of London.

Is there a record?

Not that I know of and this isn’t anything official. This only happened to me when I was in London visiting my Uncle, showing us the sights and realising that I ticked off all of these various methods of transportation in a single day.

However, feel free to let me know how long it has taken you and we’ll see!

Is there a minimum duration for each mode of transport?

One journey needs to be fully completed for each, even if it is just one tube stop, bus stop along etc.

Can I add other modes of transport?

Sure! Car, Bike (pedal, motorcycle), Segway, Aeroplane (from a London Airport to wherever, you could be saying ‘Hello!’ to London or a ‘Goodbye’) and I am sure, many others! The challenge is yours to own but try to meet the ones listed above as a minimum.

Anything else?

Let me know how you do! Photos would be a bonus 😀 Surprise me!!

Oh and research, especially if you are trying to set a great time or use a wide variety of transportation.