The Challenges

Life is a challenge, the ones we expect, those that are least expected, the usual to the unusual and everything else in the middle.

Below are links to challenges I have attempted in the past on another platform, all in one place for you to have a gander at!

If you have any questions about my experiences, do not hesitate to ask πŸ˜€

The Year Of Films (2013)

Your mission, should you choose to accept it (YES!), is to spend the next year delving into the world of film by watching one film that you have never seen before per day.

You can watch ahead or fall behind, just see how many you can watch in a year!

Start Date: 1st Jan ’13
End Date: 31st Dec ’13

Status: Completed

Comments: Even now, years on from the experience I can’t believe that I did it – 365 films. Actually I lie, I managed to watch close to 400!! Go me!! Could I do that now? Probably not, but the 365 bit… possibly. I’m binge-watching lots of box sets at the moment, so when my film phase finds itself again then maybe another film challenge is in order.

Like many things, once you establish a habit it becomes easier to do something again and again. A lot of films are 90-120 minutes long and a lot of us can easily do that when you think how much time we spend just aimlessly trawling the internet for stuff… any kind of stuff. Beyond emails, social media etc the rest of the time for me is just the above, so put that laptop away and watch films. Unless you are watching the film on the laptop of course, then… watch away! I recommend that everyone should try this challenge once, though doesn’t expect it to be easy, use your TV guide and if you have Netflix, Amazon Prime etc, let them become your best friend πŸ˜€

Project 2014 (2014)

12 Months of Challenges – A different theme each month throughout 2014.

Status: Incomplete

Comments: Incomplete, for now… I hope one day to do another set of 1 month length challenges to complete this, maybe when I am not as time-poor or a bit more organised with everything.

The themes I completed were the following: Films, Photo Journal, Read-A-Lot, Get Rid, Random Articles & Language

A Year of Reading (2015)

To read 52 books that you have never read before in 52 week, 1 book per week for the year.

Status: In-Complete.

New End Date: 1st April 2016

Comments: I love books, I would say I can be one of those book readers who hates it when the book cover changes for whatever reason/no reason (not sure how it all really works) but I need to finish my book collection with matching covers!! Does nobody understand this?

However, I have found that I have many books on my book shelf that I have not had the chance to read that and I knew I just had to change that, hence this challenge. Has the intention been fulfilled so far… not quite, I visit the library often and always come out with a book or 5 that I intend to read. My un-read pile has shrunk but not that much, but I still have time πŸ˜€

———————- February 2016

43, only 9 books short!!

A lot better than I thought actually, although I am a little down as this is the second challenge I have failed to complete but at least I can say I tried.

I stayed on track for so long, but where did it go wrong? My decline coincided with a new job, full-time and permanent so I had a shift in my life that was out of the blue and happened so fast having to accomodate this with my schedule which I altered. I’m typing this at the beginning of Febuary 2016 and I think I have just found a balance. Also, trying to schedule reading in became a pressure and not really ME time, so I put it off and relaxed playing sports and watching TV.

Before I Kick That Bucket…

My ever growing and slowly shrinking bucket list

Got to have one to focus the mind πŸ˜€ Life is an adventure, make it so!


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